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Welcome to Million Displays (China) Co., Limited

When It Comes to Custom POP Displays Fabrication, We Are The Expert.

Built in 2001, with a team of around 330 skilled employees, Million Displays is today one of the leaders in the design and manufacture of custom retail displays and store fixtures as well as home furniture in China. We have been working with many point of purchase display design companies to help a lot of brands around the world to meet their visual merchandising needs using the custom retail displays produced by our state-of-the-art equipment and the knowledgeable people.


For more than 10 years, due to its mission of quality-oriented manufacturing service, Million Displays has been a trusted supplier of custom point of purchase (POP) displays, point of sale (POS) materials, retail store fixtures in a variety of materials including but are not limited to wood, metal, acrylic and more. We closely work with each client individually to create and execute custom marketing programs using innovative displays that grab the customer's attention, communicate a strong brand identity, and increase sales.


We also have the facility and capabilities to manufacture custom home furniture to your specific design and applications. Browse our website, and have a look at those product examples we’ve ever finished, and we are sure you will find Million Displays is a fine supplier for no matter custom retail store display fixtures or home furniture of living room, bath room, bed room or kitchen & dinning room. 


We are committed to the OEM service, building long-term relationships with you. The experienced team at Million Displays is ready to work with you to help you accomplish your custom POP displays, retail store display fixtures and custom home furniture. Contact us today to nitiate a project!

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Your Trusted Project Partner in China